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Grooming Rates



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* Hair Clipping/Trimming: $20.00 and Up

* Matt Removal $10.00 and Up   

* Conditioner: $6.00

* Anal Glands: $15.00     

* Ear Cleaning $6.00                                        

* Teeth Brush & Breath Freshener: $6.00

* PediPaw/Nail Polishing: $6.00

* PediPaw Nail Designs: $7.00

* Polish & Designs: $12.00

* PediPaw Nail Clipping/Grinding: $8.00

* Decorative Coloring Stencils: $7.00

* Hair Coloring: $8.00 and Up

PediPaw Nail Treatment Includes: 

Paw Fizzy Soaking & Massaging Paws with Grape-Seed Oil Revitalize: $8.00    

Full Detailed Spa: 

Special formulated shampoo/conditioner, blow dry, brush, comb-out, hair clipping, teeth brushing, breath freshener, body massage, pedipaw nail treatment, clipping, grinding, polish, ear cleaning, privates and pads.

$65.00 & up depending on size of the dog.

Regular Grooming:

Shampoo, blow dry, brush, comb-out and clipping hair, ear cleaning, privates, pads, nail clipping & grinding:

$50.00 & up depending on size of the dog.

Shampoo Only:

Basic Shampoo/blow dry/brush & comb-out.

$30.00 & up depending on size of the dog.

FREE Ribbons or Bandana and Cologne with any bathing service.

Requirements For Grooming

Your pet cannot be groomed without the required documents

Please bring the following information with you or have your vet fax it to us. Services Cannot be rendered without documentation.

A copy of the pups vaccines must be presented:

* (DH) Distemper-Hepatitis

* (L) Leptospirosis

* (P) Para-influenza

* (P) Parvovirus

* (B) Bordetella

* (F) Flu  Vaccine

* (R) Rabies

Year round treatment of the following:

* (HWPT) Heart Worming Preventative Treatment

* (FTPT) Flea and Tick Preventative Treatment

Choose one of the grooming packages from the side bar or build your own from the list.

Our Policy on Matted Dogs:   Please Read!

We want our little furry friends to have an excellent and enjoyable experience while they're being groomed. A matted dog is an unhappy dog on any Groomer's table. If you have a long or short haired pet that easily gets tangled or matted, it is very important that you brush and comb your pet at the least 3-4 times a week, this help keep your little furry friend from being matted and the cost of grooming down.

It takes time, patience, a special formulated conditioner and DE-matting tool to remove mats, so therefore the cost of your pet grooming will go up by $10.00 for every 15 minutes we have to spend on removing mats, otherwise we will cut the mats out and maybe have to shave your pet it all depends on how sever your pet is matted.

For New Clients ONLY:
When you purchase (10) $50 and up grooming, we'll give your pet (1) grooming FREE. This offer is good for one year. The free service Cannot be used around major holidays such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter. Labor Day, Memorial Day and/or the 4th of July. Purchase of ten grooms does not have to be purchased all at once, you will be given a loyalty card and you must present it each time your pup comes to be groomed.


You must keep up with your loyalty card, it is very important that you do. If you lose or misplace your loyalty card you will have to start over with a new loyalty card and the other grooms will not be added to the new loyalty card. Once the loyalty card fills up the grooming service will be rendered. This is a great service that we offer to every new client and they are very pleased with getting a free grooming for their pup(s).

For the safety of our staff and other dogs, we cannot accept aggressive dog behavior.