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Thanks and have a great day, "FuN 4 SM***ALL PuPs"

Quotes I had an emergency arise and had to go out of town the same day; a friend told me about "Fun 4 Small Pups" daycare, boarding & grooming service which was close to home and very convenient for me and my Trixy-Poo. I called Rosa, she understood my emergency and accommodated me with no problem. The best, best, best decision that I could have made for my Trixy-Poo. I will always use "Fun 4 Small Pups" and all their services. Thank you so much Rosa for the care that you've shown and given to my sweet baby. Quotes
Tina Coleman
Baby Trixy-Poo

Quotes Ever since adopting our two bichons from Rosa, we've gone to her for our boarding and grooming needs. She does a wonderful job grooming our bichons, and we trust her completely when leaving them in her care. Rosa is the best! Quotes
Jim and Carrie Kuehm
Owners of Max and Maggie

Quotes We have been using Fun 4 small Pups for the past year and a half. Rosa is very accommodating, and our Bichon, Bailey is always excited to go there for day-care, grooming, or boarding. We are very satisfied with our experience and we are glad to have a safe, and trusting day care to bring our pup. Thank you Rosa! Quotes
Nicole and Eric Stone
Bailey's home away from home

Quotes We have been using Fun 4 Small Pups three years now for our little Simon! We live an hour and half away but couldn't imagine leaving him anywhere else! We are confident that Simon is treated like one of the family and loved every day he is away from us! Thank you Rosa for opening your home to our Simon! Quotes
Rob and Lori

Quotes Rosa has been grooming my dogs since they were puppies. They always, always come home looking beautiful and smelling fresh and clean. I had a party celebrating my 80th birthday and she colored the dogs the color theme of my party as well. They looked absolutely beautiful. Thanks Rosa for your services. Snout-To-Tail grooming spa, you should try them. Quotes
Lula Foulks
My Deesha & Dillio

Quotes We use "Fun 4 Small Pups" 4-6 times a year when we go mountain climbing or vacationing. Although we live 65 miles from Rosa, it will not stop us from taking our Zanny & Zinny to her for boarding. Rosa and her staff takes very good care of them and our two guys are very happy to be with "Fun 4 Small Pups" and the other dogs. We wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks Rosa & Staff Quotes
Tom & Tiffany MacArthur
Zanny & Zinny the Pugs

Quotes Hi Rosa, We have been using "Fun 4 Small Pups" grooming service since the birth of my wonderful Sally on February 2013. Sally always comes home looking like she just stepped out of a "Doggie Vogue Magazine." Rosa has always shown great love and tenderness when grooming Sally. Thank You, again, Rosa for all your wonderful work. Quotes
Ann struck
Satisfied Customer of Sally

Quotes Hi Rosa and gang over there @ Fun 4 Small Pups. My husband and I are very pleased with the daycare & boarding services that you guys provide for our Dixie. Thank you for taking such good care of Dixie, she loves being with you guys. When we pull-up in your driveway, Dixie gets extremely excited and start scratching at the window trying to get out of the car. Also, thank you so much for the wonderful grooming that she gets, she looks beautiful and smells fresh and clean when she leaves your Snout-To-Tail grooming spa. Quotes
Trina & Dave Williams
Dixie and Us Too

Quotes Hi Fun 4 Small Pups, didn't recognize who you were with the new website design and name change. I linked from the other website to you, glad I clicked the link. WOW! Congratulations on the awesome changes you guys are making, love the new look. Well, Mr. Foggy is in need of a grooming and a vacation and there's no other place that we'd want and trust him to be than with you guys. I'll email you with the dates that we're looking to vacation. Thanks, Quotes
Diane, Bill & Foggy,
My Foggy Miss you!

Quotes I have been using Fun 4 Small Pups for about 4 years, previously known as (Home Away From Home), and I must say that I'm very pleased with the grooming service and the care that they've given to my Babe. I truly love the fact that the daycare is for small pups, only because my Babe is a bichon and I prefer her to be with other dogs around her size. Thanks guys for being attentive to my Babe's needs while she is in your care. We'll see you soon. Quotes
Me n My Babe